Surprising Times You Might Need to Call a Towing Service

Posted on: 29 April 2016

A towing service often does more than just tow your car to a repair center when it's broken down; there is usually a wide variety of roadside services that they offer, some of which don't even include towing! Note a few surprising times when you might need to call a towing service to your location.

1. Dead battery

Whether at home or on the road, a towing service can do more than just jump start your car; they can usually bring a new battery with them and install it for you. This can mean knowing you won't get stranded again if you can't immediately head to an auto repair shop for a new battery.

2. Flat tyre

A tow truck won't just tow your car to a shop to have your tyre replaced, but they can also usually put your spare tyre on for you. If you don't have a spare, you might ask if they can provide one for you or if they have a selection of new tyres they sell so you can simply have a new one installed. Make sure to have your tyres balanced soon after the installation, but this new tyre can allow you to drive for at least a few days before you have that service done.

3. Donation

Do you have an old car that you don't want to sell because of the time and hassle, and you are thinking of donating it to a charity or just junking it for scrap? A towing service can usually handle this for you; they can tow it to a nearby yard used for a charity or they may simply take away a junk car for free, and they would then sell it to a scrap yard for parts. Rather than dealing with an old car on your property or trying to figure out how to get it to a junkyard, you might call a towing service that takes them away.

4. Storage

If you want to own a classic car or race car, or any car that is not legal to drive on the road, you don't need to worry about how you'll get it back and forth from storage to another location. Many towing services offer flatbeds to easily tow your car from a storage facility to a racetrack, car show location and the like, safely and easily.

Next time you need any of these services, consider calling a towing service!


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