How To Choose A Tow Truck Company

Posted on: 26 February 2021

Many car owners get disappointed when their cars are damaged during towing. However, this should not be the case if you have an experienced and professional towing company on dial. Below is an excerpt discussing how to choose a towing company. Hopefully, you no longer have to worry about car damage or lost parts as your vehicle gets towed. 

Check Customer Reviews

Today, most customers will leave an online review if they are pleased or disappointed with a company's services. Therefore, check customer reviews on social media to know how the company relates to its clients. You could also seek the opinion of other car owners on car forums. As a rule, you should avoid companies with lots of negative reviews. 

Inquire About The Area Of Operation

Contact the company and inquire about their area of operation. Large towing companies will operate nationwide. However, this may not be the case for smaller companies. Ideally, the company should offer towing services within your route of operation. They should also provide support services should your vehicle breakdown while you are far from their operating area. For instance, they could connect you to a reputable towing service. 

Check The Available Services  

Other than towing, what other services does the company provide? For instance, you would want a company that offers mobile roadside assistance to its customers. Simply put, the towing company will deploy a mechanic to repair your vehicle if it breaks downs along the road. Some companies will also have a locksmith to open your car if you lock in or lose your keys. Others have a garage where they will conduct a wide range of vehicle repairs. 

Check the Terms of Towing

Assess the company's towing policy. For instance:

  • Does the customer have the right to choose their preferred tow truck? People with all-wheel drive vehicles would prefer flatbeds as opposed to hook and chain tow trucks.
  • What is the tare weight of the vehicle's the company tows? While some companies have tow trucks that can transport all kinds of cars, others specialise in saloon cars or SUVs.
  • What safety measures does the company observe during recovery? Safety triangles, warning lights, cones and flags can help prevent accidents as the company recovers your car.
  • What guarantees does the company give? For instance, will they take responsibility for damage caused by improper towing? 

Remember to inquire about the company's pricing. For instance, do they charge per hour or kilometre? How should you make payments? 

When choosing a tow truck company, assess their customer reviews, area of operation, available services and the terms of towing. 


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