Top Tips When Hiring Tow Trucks

Posted on: 13 July 2021

Have you ever been stranded by the roadside? It could be your vehicle has a flat tire, engine failure, or transmission issue. Tow truck services will help you transport your car to a garage for repairs. The extract below discusses the questions to ask a towing service. Hopefully, they will help you get the best services on the market. 

What Is Your Location? 

It is probably the most critical consideration when hiring a tow truck. Remember, a service located far from your current location will take too long to respond to your issue. The easiest way to find a nearby service is by conducting a Google search to identify a nearby service. Once you call the towing company, ask how long they will take to respond to your situation. If possible, drop a pin to ensure they do not have trouble locating you. 

What Is The Capacity Of Your Tow Truck? 

You want to ensure that your vehicle is recovered in the safest way possible. As such, ask the company about the tow trucks that they have on hire. One of your concerns should be the available type of tow truck and its towing limits. There are instances when you could need two types of towing trucks. For example, if your vehicle fell down a cliff or into a ditch, you could need a wheel lift towing truck to pull the tow truck and a flatbed tow truck to transport the vehicle to a garage. If you have a large vehicle (such as an SUV or pickup truck), ask whether the towing service has an integrated tow truck. These tow trucks can haul massive weights at once. 

Do You Have Adequate Insurance? 

The towing service must have adequate insurance coverage. It is a sure way to ensure compensation should your vehicle suffer damage or an accident during towing. It is best to inquire about the company's liability policy. Ideally, the company should record the condition of your vehicle before and after towing. They should be ready to repair the vehicle or compensate you if their employees' negligence caused the car to suffer more damage. 

Do You Offer Roadside Assistance? 

The company should offer roadside assistance services. Typically, they will repair your car if it does not have extensive damage. For instance, a burst tire or leaking radiator hose does not warrant towing to a garage. If the company offers roadside assistance, inquire about the experience of their mechanics. 

When hiring a towing service, inquire about the company location, the capacity of the towing trucks, the insurance coverage and the availability of roadside assistance services. 


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