4 Questions To Ask An Emergency Towing Service

Posted on: 27 April 2022

Emergency towing services come in handy when your vehicle breaks down or suffers an accident. Although you might be nervous or in shock when hiring the service, several precautions can help you avoid extra costs and unnecessary hassles during towing. Below are several questions to ask a towing service. 

1. Do You Offer Roadside repair Services? 

You do not need towing services every time your vehicle breaks down. Sometimes, all the vehicle needs is a simple fix and you can continue with your journey. For instance, the car could have a punctured tire, a leaking radiator or a minor electric issue such as a faulty fuse. If you happen to be in this situation, ask the emergency towing service whether they offer roadside repair services. It is a sure way to save time and money. 

2. Do You Have A Garage? 

Sometimes, the vehicle could break down far away from your mechanic's garage. In this case, consider a towing company that offers storage and repair services. It helps you avoid the inconveniences and hassles of looking for a garage. It is usual to be a bit sceptical about the services offered. It is especially so if you are used to working with one mechanic. Therefore, conduct due diligence to determine the experience of the company's mechanics. If you still prefer to work with your mechanic, ask the company to allow your mechanic to repair your vehicle while it is at their premises. Most companies will agree to this compromise to gain the loyalty of their clients.  

3. How Long Does The Towing Crew Take To Arrive? 

In most cases, you will want a company that arrives at the scene within a short while. Therefore, inquire about the response time when hiring the service. Ideally, towing companies whose premises are closer to the scene will respond sooner. However, always ask for a guarantee. For instance, the company could accept a penalty if their personnel arrive late at the scene. 

4. What Safety Precautions Does The Emergency Towing Team Observe? 

The emergency towing crew must observe the following safety measures; 

  • Secure the site with emergency lighting, safety triangles and barricades. They prevent other motorists from ramming into your stationary vehicle or the towing truck.
  • Inspect the accident site and collect debris from your vehicle or any parts that could have been detached during the accident.
  • Contact local police or fire services if need be, such as if you damaged someone's property during the crash or rammed into a tanker.
  • Determine a suitable method of towing your vehicle to avoid further damage. 

When hiring an emergency towing service, assess the availability of repair services, response time and safety precautions.  


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