Towing Services | 3 Probable Reasons Why You May Have Caused Your Tyre To Blow Out

Posted on: 9 May 2016

A tyre blowout when driving at high speeds is potentially dangerous. But despite your best efforts to keep your tyres well protected, a few wrongful actions will cause a blowout. If your tyre blows out and you don't have a spare, then you'll have to wait for the towing services to take you to a mechanic. It's worth knowing why you may have caused your tyre to blow out in the first place, so you can stop making the same mistakes in the future.

You Overinflate Or Underinflate The Tyres

Under-inflation or over-inflation are easy ways to cause a tyre blowout, since air enables a tyre to handle the vehicle's weight and movement. If you fail to add proper air pressure to the tyre, then the interior components like rubber, steel and fabric will extend beyond their permissible limits. This will eventually cause your tyre to blow out completely. Your car manufacturer will recommend the right tyre pressure in the owner's manual, so be sure to follow this or you will risk overinflating or underinflating your tyres. Responsible drivers must check this regularly, but mistakes can happen. If you're in a position where your tyre has blown out, don't try to drive because you will cause further car damage. Instead, wait for the towing services to arrive to take you to a mechanic.

You Overload Your Car With Heavy Items Constantly

Overloading your car regularly will also cause fatal damage to your tyres. Just because your car can take a load full of stuff doesn't mean that your tyres are in a position to handle the weight. They will get even more damaged if they are underinflated because of insufficient tyre air. Be sure to check your car's gross vehicle weight rating, which should be near the recommended tyre pressure in the owner's manual. By going over this limit, you are applying added pressure to the tyres, which can cause them to blow out eventually.

You Drive Roughly Over Potholes

Whether you're in a hurry or not, avoid driving fast and roughly over potholes because this will cause significant damage to your tyres over time. Slamming into potholes or other hazards will impact the internal components of your tyres. In some instances, a deep pothole can cut through the rubber, causing an instant tyre blowout. In other instances, rough driving over potholes will cause your tyres to blow out over time, but quicker than they would otherwise. Avoid driving with blown out tyres because you may cause further damage to your car.

Some negligent actions by you will cause your tyres to prematurely blow out. Try not to drive with flat tyres because you may cause irreparable damage. Wait for the towing services arrive to take you to a qualified mechanic.


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