When to Call a Tow Truck Service

Posted on: 26 June 2020

Every car owner will eventually face a vehicle maintenance issue that requires the skills of a certified mechanic. In many cases, the car is taken to the auto shop, or the mechanic goes to the vehicle owner's location. However, there are cases when a mechanic can't meet you or you can't drive to their shop. In such scenarios, your best option is towing services. Here's a list of situations when you should call a tow truck service.

You Are Out of Gas

There are times when you unexpectedly run out of gas. This may be because of poor planning or failing to observe the dashboard light. Pulling over the car and going to buy gasoline can be a solution if the gas station isn't far away.

However, if you're far from the gas station, leaving your vehicle is quite risky. The best option in such a situation is to call a tow truck service. The tow truck will take you to the gas station. Some towing services will even come with fuel for a fee.

Car Accidents

If you've ever been stuck in traffic because of a car accident, you're well aware that damaged vehicles can cause congestion on the road. A serious accident may result in car parts being strewn across the street. Leaving your car on the road for long after a car accident is not only inconvenient to other motorists but also dangerous.

Towing services can get your car off the road after an accident. It may be tempting to drive your vehicle, but you shouldn't take chances. It's advisable to call a towing service to transport your vehicle to a mechanic before getting it back on the road again.

Flat Tyre Assistance

If you're operating a large truck, changing a flat tyre isn't a simple task. Large vehicles require special jacks and equipment to raise their weighty frames when changing tyres. A towing service that specialises in heavy-duty towing has all the equipment needed to change truck tyres.

Furthermore, if you have all the tools and know-how to change truck tyres, it's dangerous to do it in the middle of the road. It would help if you had the truck towed to a safe area where you can replace the flat tyre safely. In any case, if you want assistance changing a flat tyre, a towing company can help.


Towing services have become popular for road emergencies. If you run out of fuel and are far from the gas station, having a towing service on speed dial will help you get fueled up quickly and back on the road. Towing services are also handy during flat tyre situations and car accidents.


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