Reasons You Might Need to Call a Tow Truck, Other Than to Have Your Car Towed

Posted on: 20 April 2016

Tow trucks don't just tow cars to an auto repair shop for you; the drivers of tow trucks can usually perform a wide range of services on the spot. While they may not be the same as mobile mechanics, they can usually get your car running and operational and back on the road if it just needs some minor attention, and fix some small everyday problems that would otherwise leave you stranded. Note when you might want to call a tow truck, other than to have a car towed.

1. Flat tire

Attempting to fix your own flat can be cumbersome, dirty, and time consuming. Without the right tools, you might try to force off the lug nuts of the tires and wind up breaking one. You might also not tighten them enough over the spare tire, so that it becomes loose and actually falls off while driving. Trying to jack up your car on your own can also be dangerous; if you don't put the jack in the right spot, it could damage parts on your car and your car could also easily fall off the jack. Rather than risk all this, call a tow truck to change the flat tire for you.

2. Struggling battery

If your car grinds when you try to start it in the morning and fails to start, you don't want to rely on a jump from someone else to get you going again. Trying to jumpstart a car with another battery can be dangerous; if you don't hook up the cables properly, this can cause an electrical spark. Jumping a car is also just a short-term solution, so unless you know how to do this and can head right to the battery story, call a tow truck. They can bring a new battery for you and ensure it's connected properly so your car is protected and ready to start.

3. Lock out

A locksmith might be called if you don't know where your keys are and will need duplicate keys made, but if you see your keys in the ignition or on the car seat inside, call a tow truck. They usually have tools that allow them to easily open a car without breaking a window or otherwise damaging the lock itself. They may also know how to reset the car alarm if it should sound because of them "breaking in" without an actual key.


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